///-monday 1.18.10

been a while, been busy luckily. the work for ASPEN has been going really well but in the mean time, one of the stories that i worked on for DC has come out. should have posted sooner seeing as its been almost a month since its come out, but i've finally got some time to do it so i figured i'd take it while i could. a while back i did a ten page Alfred story that was set to come out in the 80 page batman annual that came out this december. you can check out all my pencils in my gallery page, but if you haven't picked it up yet, you might want to take a look, there are some other good stuff in there.

///-sunday 8.2.09

back from the sunny west coast of San Diego with some big news. well ladies and gents here is a brand new project that i'll be working on with the guys at Aspen Comics. it's a brand new property written and conceived by J.T. Krul. it's a dark, gritty, psychological story with so much depth and many layers that i can only hope to bring justice to the world and characters that JT has created. it promises to be a truly unique story that i am only to happy to be able to work on and i can't wait to get into drawing the story.

to hear what JT has to say about his new project check out his interview on comics continuum

Also i have another pin up out in the new Aspen Swimsuit Splash this year so make sure and check that out.

///-thursday 5.28.09

part two of the Gotham Gazette book that i worked on came out in stores this week. the book is called:

Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive?

it's the same set up as the last one. a five page story mixed in with some other artists. if you get the chance to check it out let me know what you think.

i've also added some scribbles to the misc. section so make sure you take a look at those as well.

///-wednesday 3.4.09

first published sequentials came out today, so now that i can actually put up some of what i've been working on i think i will. the book is called:

Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead?

so make sure you check it out.

///-saturday 2.28.09

here it is folks, the first narrative stuff that i'll have published. it's only a five page stint in this issue but it's a start. the issue goes on sale March 4th in comic stores near you. its called;
Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead?
once it comes out i'll be sure to post up my pencils, so check back soon for those.

for more info on the book check out either

DC comics site
Comic Book Resources

///-tuesday 1.20.09

first post of the new year. took me long enough. between the jobs ive been lucky enough to get from DC i got to do some sketching and since i haven't posted in a while and i'm not too sure when i'll be able to put any of the DC stuff on here i figured what the hell. i've also went and got myself a deviantart page; it was strongly suggesed by a few people so... i'll put that link up too. basically what ever is on here will be on the deviant page so feel to keep an eye on which ever you prefer.


like i said i hope to put up some of the actual DC pages soon. the stuff im about to start on has an release date so when it's out i'll let you know.

///-thursday 11.13.08

well it's been awhile but i have been keeping busy. first off if you guys have the chance the Michael Turner Tribute book is out and you should pick yourself up a copy. it's full of great artists and writers remembering a great man.
other then that, i've been doing some work with DC comics on a Detective Comics title. as far as i know the book doesn't have a release date yet but when i hear something i'll make sure and post it up. unfortunately i can't post any of the art up yet but i'm already looking forward to the next issue and making it even better then this one.
i'll also post up my piece from the tribute book but you guys should really go out and pick it up.

///-monday 6.30.08

it is with great sadness that i write today. for those of you who may not already know on June 27th Michael Turner tragically passed away after a long battle with cancer. those of you who know me know i've never been much with words, so as i sit here i can't help but think how feeble any attempt of mine could even begin to bring justice to a man so extradinary that words can't really describe. not only was Mike a mentor, but an amazing friend to me and a truly rare human being. he was the kind of guy that everyone who knew him loved him and couldn't help but try to be like. he touched my life and the lives of countless others, and i will always remember him and cherish all the time that i was lucky enough to spend with him. Mike... you will be missed.

for more information you can go to aspen's website.

or anyone wishing to send any condolences to Michael Turner's family is encouraged to send to:

Aspen MLT, Inc.
C/O Michael Turner
5855 Green Valley Circle, Suite 111
Culver City, CA, 90230

Vince Hernandez wrote a remembrance that you can read at comic book resources.
vince's link.

///-tuesday 6.17.08

been a bit of time since i last posted but i'm back in jersey and i got some good news. as of tomorrow i will be a published artist. it's not a giant step like my own book quite yet but it is a pin up for Aspen Comics. the pin up will be appearing in ASPEN SPLASH 2008 SWIMSUIT SPECTACULAR on sale this week. its got some great artists in there so make sure you pick it up and take a look. i was really lucky to have some great talent cleaning me up (Mark Roslan)and coloring over me (Peter Steigerwald) helping make me look good. so thanks guys. for more info on that book and others check out www.aspencomics.com.

///-wednesday 5.14.08

so i thought id take a swing at the super hero genera and do some batman pages. i got a script from mike kregger, it's actually a robin scrip that is told from the jokers point of view, so if the characters seem a little out of thier normal vain that's why.


///-monday 5.12.08

for any miles davis fans out there i just finished up a portrait of him. take a look, drop me a line and tell me what you think.

////-thursday 5.8.08

hey everyone, this is a brand new thing for me, getting online that is, and i'd just like to say thanks for stopping by and checking out my site. so take some time check out the site and feel free to write me and tell me what you think. i'll do my best to keep it as up to date as possible. thanks for stopping by and checking everything out.